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Invitation by the DOG President

Dear colleagues,
Dear guests,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Berlin to the 106th Congress of the German Society of Ophthalmology. The main topic of the meeting

“Perspectives in Ophthalmology – Quality of Life by Innovation”

addresses both novel diagnostic strategies and therapeutic concepts in ophthalmology in an exciting era ofmedical and technological breakthroughs.While it is important to measure
effects on parameters such as visual acuity by evidence-based criteria, it will also be asked, how these parameters relate to the quality of life from the patients’ perspective. This aspect is of
increasing relevance in all areas of ophthalmology and, even more so, for the evaluation of the efficacy of therapeutic modalities. In addition, it is relevant for questions concerning the coverage of the cost of treatments in health systems, in times of limited resources.

I wish to draw your attention to some of the highlights and novelties during this meeting. It will be my pleasure on behalf of the steering committee to present the „DOG Roadmap“. Following the 150th anniversary of the society last year, the Roadmap addresses key challenges in ophthalmology; namely, the prioritization of future goals, tasks and responsibilities of that society.

DOG President Prof. Dr. Holz
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I am delighted to welcome Eva-Luise Köhler, the wife of the Federal President, to participate in a special symposium on Friday on patient organisations. They now play an important role in many countries and will be given a platform to present the manifold facets of their endeavours, including counselling services for patients which complement the ophthalmologists’work, by adding to the patients’ quality of life. Together with ophthalmological societies and professional associations, patient organisations not only contribute to raising the awareness of both the general public and regulatory authorities, they also contribute to funding for research.

During the festive evening on Saturday, the DOG-Foundation “Stiftung Auge” will be inaugurated. The foundation has been established this year to work towards the implementation of programmes for the advancement of ophthalmic research, education and patient care. I would be honoured if you would join us for these festivities in the axica – with its stunning architecture – in the heart of Berlin.

Support and promotion of ophthalmic research is an essential task of the DOG as young researchers play a particularly important role. At its Congress, the DOG will present awards and project funding to young scientists whose work has been selected from various applications and proposals. On this occasion the DOG will also launch a campaign to attract medical students, young physicians and basic scientists.“ Research promotion and career perspectives in academic medicine” will be the main topic of a panel discussion with sientists, clinicians and politicians during the opening ceremony on Thursday.

Additional highlights include “key note lectures” by renowned experts in their fields, who will give a state-of-the-art review.

The international orientation of the German Society of Ophthalmology and its Congress are underscored by the participation of many international speakers and guests as well as by the participation of European and other international ophthalmological societies with
traditionally strong bonds with the DOG.

The Congress will be an opportunity for a lively exchange between experts, general ophthalmologists, industry and, in particular, young scientists – in accordance with the spirit of the founders of the DOG. And there will be ample opportunity to meet old and new friends.

I wish you an enjoyable and memorable time in Berlin!

Professor Frank G. Holz, MD
President of the DOG