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Welcome Address by the Governing Mayor of Berlin

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone attending the 106th congress of the German Ophthalmological Society here in Germany’s capital city.

One might say that your specialty, ophthalmology, embodies both Berlin’s history and its future as a center of science and learning. Renowned physicians lived and worked here in the city; two examples are Hermann von Helmholtz, the inventor of the ophthalmoscope, and the well-known ophthalmologist Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Albrecht von Graefe, who made enormous contributions to the development of modern ophthalmology in his days. Graefe was also the founder of your professional society more than 150 years ago.

A sense of tradition, however, is probably only one of the reasons why the German Ophthalmological Society decided some time ago that Berlin would be a regular venue for its important congress in the future. In my opinion, the fact that Germany’s ophthalmologists gather here each year to discuss key developments in their field can also be understood as a tribute to Berlin’s competence and prospects as a scientific location. As a health care center with countless high-caliber research and treatment facilities, as well as highly regarded medical schools, Berlin is an ideal place to exchange ideas and to make contacts also outside one’s own discipline.

In this spirit, I would like to welcome you to our city once again. I wish you a very productive 106th Congress of the German Ophthalmological Society and a wonderful stay in Berlin that you will long remember.

Regierender Brgermeisters von Berlin
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Klaus Wowereit
Governing Mayor of Berlin